How important is Local SEO for your business?

Local SEO is about getting your business listed organically in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. To begin this process you need to rank in the local maps (for example Google Places) and, also list in the organic search results. Organic search results are defined by the listings which appear under the paid advertisements in the search results. These are the listings which statistically are most often clicked.

If you are a small to medium locally based business then a Local SEO strategy is crucial to not only grow but to compete effectively with other local business as well a regional or national competitors for example the big box stores. It’s a given these days that prospective customers will use the internet to check out a business before deciding to either call or visit your business. The crucial part is if your business does not show up under the keywords and phrases that your customers are using to search, you might as well not exist as far as the prospective customer is concerned. So in order for your business to reach these prospects it is vital you rank well organically and in your immediate location on the local maps.

Appearing in the search results is just one part of your strategy however, your end goal must be to DOMINATE the local search results. Doing so can transform your business into a market leader for your location and industry!

Service Area Pro specializes in achieving local domination. We have done it time and time again for local companies and can to do it for you too.


Do you want your website to appear higher and more often in local search results? Do you want to remain visible and actually get more customers out of the deal? Complete this form and submit to us. We will then able to assess how we can help you achieve your local marketing goals.

Our Local SEO Strategy

We start with your website as it is extremely important for it to be well-optimized particularly when you are embarking on a local SEO campaign. Think of your website as the foundation block of your local seo but also bear in mind that even with the most perfectly optimized site there is still more to do. In order to rank for the required keywords which your customer prospects use to find your business we need to implement an offsite marketing strategy.

Offsite Marketing

You may be surprised to learn that up to 85% of what impacts how high you rank in the search results is everywhere else on the Internet where your business and your competitors are marketing. We refer to this as offsite marketing and this is where we implement the actual SEO techniques needed to really catapult your site higher. Done right offsite marketing will enable your business to achieve great rankings – more leads and more phone calls!

The following is just some are what your business needs to be doing right in order to succeed in your market.


You Must Have a Local Maps Strategy

Claiming your local business listing from Google is THE MOST important step you must take for local SEO. Quite simply your business will never rank well in the local maps without first claiming and optimizing this listing, especially if all around you (your competitors and peers) have claimed theirs. This part can be tricky to set up properly, but Service Area Pro will help and ensure future success.

Citations for your Business – do or die

A business citation is basically like a directory listing of your business contact details. Google tracks your business by its name, phone number, and address

  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address
  • City, State Zip Code

It is extremely important to have this consistently listed throughout your entire online presence, otherwise you will not benefit from all the marketing you will be doing for your business. For example say your business is incorporated, and on your website your business is is listed as MyBusiness. But when it appears on Citysearch (the online business directory) it is listed as MyBusiness Inc., you will not get credit for the Citysearch listing in the eyes of Google because it is not a match to the way it is listed on your website. Now consider there are literally hundreds of online directories like CitySearch and on many of them you are also listed differently to your website. In today’s competitive market these types of errors will hinder your ability to rank. Google often ends up creating multiple listings of your business purely because it is confused about which one is the real business. In the above example, if Google saw that listing in Citysearch chances are it will most likely create an entirely new listing with the business name of MyBusiness Inc., in the maps algorithm. When this happens you lose “rankability” for this new listing. You can be sure if Google is confused about your business, you will not be showing up as much as you could to the prospects who are searching for you online.

Essentially the more places Google finds your business citation, the more authority Google will pass on to your business. This is where having the support of a business like Service Area Pro is essential, we know where to go and what to do, and in doing so will save you hundreds of hours of work and lots of money!

What to expect after starting a Local SEO Campaign

The first phase involves onsite optimization which can take up to one month. This is essential in order to get your website optimized and in sync with our future offsite optimization tasks.

The following month we focus heavily on the offsite portion of the campaign. This is when you will begin to see your search rankings moving up the results page for your service area.

Month 3 is usually when the local seo campaign really starts to generate new business.

Then each month going forward, we continue to work on optimization as we begin to build domination in the search results for your entire service area. We outsmart and out maneuver all your competitors who are also trying to get to rank high as well.

We provide campaign reports online and by email so you can always see how well your local SEO is working. We can also provide call tracking numbers so you know exactly how many calls you are getting through your website and our offsite marketing efforts. You will see how much revenue your monthly investment with Service Area Pro is making for your business. We stand by our work and will strive to make you the dominant local presence for your market!